Best Double Umbrella Stroller Reviews

A stroller is used these days as a baby carriage with a number of features including storage compartments, adjustable pushing handle, swivel wheels, headrest and leg rest and a canopy. But if you have twins or two kids of different age then a double umbrella stroller can be the best option for you. These double strollers are designed to provide enough space to keep both the kids comfortably and safely. The availability of various types of double umbrella strollers has made it necessary to know how to choose the best double umbrella stroller.
According to experts, you should consider 3 things to choose the best double umbrella stroller for your older and younger kids.
Age of the children: It is one of the most important factors to be considered while shopping for the double umbrella stroller for your kids. If you have twins then the stroller you choose should be able to fulfill the needs of both the kids of same age. But if your kids are of different age then your stroller should be able to adjust them according to the needs of each kid.
Seat: The double umbrella strollers are available in different types of seating configuration. In one type the seats are provided side-by-side and in the other type the seats are arranged one after the other as a front and back seat. The stroller of the first type is more suitable for twins with similar requirements and the second one is suitable for older and younger kids so that you can keep the infant near you and the older toddler can avail enough leg space on the front seat.
Your activities: It means where you want to use the double umbrella stroller. If you want to use it during your trips to some stores or the mall then the stroller with front and back seat will be the best for you but if you are going to use it on outdoor locations then stroller with side-by-side seats can be suitable for you.
A brief review of the best double umbrella stroller is given below for your reference.

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller – Best Double Umbrella Stroller With Affordable Price

best double umbrella strollerThe echo twin stroller produced by Chicco is practically a compact double umbrella stroller which provides a combination of functionality for the parents and comfort for the kids. This best double umbrella stroller is designed with side by side seats to make your life practically easy as it can be folded compactly to carry in your car and its handle allows you to take your kids alone wherever you want. The stylish dual canopies of this stroller can be adjusted individually to provide protection from various elements by zipping off their rear flaps. The combination of European wheel styling, an embroidered seat pad, and colored rear tubes improve the looks of this stroller. Its headrests can be adjusted to two positions whereas each of its seats can be adjusted to four positions in different directions to make your kids feel comfortable during the ride.

  • Pros

It is very easy to move around
Being a twin stroller it takes less space while parking
It is easy to unpack or pack
It can be operated single handed with both babies seated in it
It has sturdy and strong structure made up of quality plastic and metal materials
Its design is attractive as well as functional
It is made very well to fit the size of two kids either of same age or different age
Its price is affordable
It can be folded down easily to store in small space

  • Cons

No front bar to provide additional protection
A bit heavier and bulky

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller, Coal
  • Independent 4position reclining seats with adjustable leg support
  • Rear canopy panels provides added enclosure and zips off to allow air flow
  • Mesh storage basket with room for baby's things
  • Dual front wheels with suspension and locking swivels
  • Compact fold and carry handle for easy travel and storage

Zoe XL2 Double Lightweight Twin Travel Umbrella Stroller System – Best Double Umbrella Stroller for travel

best double umbrella strollerThis lightweight double stroller is perfect for traveling in big cities. It is more stable than other high-end double strollers due to the lasting stability provided by its 16-pound weighing aluminum frame. This easy to use stroller can also be folded easily. One child snack tray, two child cup holders, one padded front double belly bar and one parent cup holder are the other important features that make this double stroller one of the best. The largely hidden extensions in its extendable huge canopies help in providing lots of shade to your kids. You can put your cell phone and keys in the large storage pockets given on the back of each canopy. You can also put your diaper bag and/or shopping bags in its large storage basket. It is the best double stroller for you if you are planning to travel on public transportation like buses, taxis or subways as it can be folded easily to store.

  • Pros:

o This double stroller is extremely lightweight
o It is easy to operate even with single hand
o Lots of extra accessories can be attached to this double stroller
o Children of different ages and sizes can be adjusted easily
o It is a wonderful double stroller while using or traveling in urban areas
o It is easy to pop out straps and wheel caps make it a stylish stroller for your kids.
o It easily manages a backpack diaper bag, a duffle bag, and a backpack of her kids along with the two toddlers
o It satisfies its users through the large hook it has to hang a large duffle bag, two small hooks to hang kid’s backpack containing snacks and iPad etc.
o It allows you to take your kids anywhere you want without any problem

  • Cons

    o Adjustment of straps is a bit annoying
    o Safety buckles are a bit hard to unlatch

So if you want to buy the best double umbrella stroller for the two kids of different ages you already have or expecting twins in the near future you should follow the tips provided in this write-up. The reviews of the two double umbrella strollers provided in this article can also help you in finding the best double stroller for your kids. But still you should not buy it in hurry as your focus should be on the comfort of your kids instead of using its additional facilities like adjusting your shopping bags and backpacks etc. The stroller you buy should be easy to handle and store in your car so that you can use it within the urban areas along with while going outdoor with the same comfort.