Top 3 Best Umbrella Strollers Under $200

A baby stroller that is light and reliable is the dream of every parent. An umbrella stroller is a perfect answer to this dream. An umbrella stroller is a lightweight and convenient baby stroller with two curved handles that are perfect for your occasional strolling. The stroller is typically sold at an inexpensive price. While it is not built for the youngest of infants because the lack of support for the developing muscles, babies older than 6 months old will feel comfortable going for a walk in this stroller. An umbrella stroller is superior to regular strollers because it’s foldability and lightweight-ness. Since it’s usually not more than 10-20 pounds and easy to fold up, we can bring the stroller anywhere and even carry it around to places. With this stroller, you can take your baby to the park even if you don’t have your own car and rely on public transportations instead. In addition, an umbrella stroller is also good to control or maneuver so it won’t slow you down in busy streets or other crowded spaces. You don’t have to worry about running into people or bikes.

Check out the best umbrella stroller reviews

UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller Review

best umbrella strollerUPPAbaby G-Lite is a lightweight and easy to carry baby stroller that can stand on its own. The baby umbrella stroller has an upright and convenient seat despite the fact that it’s unadjustable. The stroller is praised for its lightweight-ness and its ability to fold. The size when folded is also compact and small, making it easy to carry. Compared to UPPAbaby G-Luxe model, the stroller is cheaper. However, it doesn’t have the same maneuverability as the more expensive baby stroller. Because of this, the umbrella stroller is best used for shorter trips.
UPPAbaby is an American company with a decade’s worth of experience and expertise. The company has constantly produced innovative products of baby strollers that are light, safe, and easy o use. G-Lite Stroller weighs less than 12 pounds. This is at the lowest end of the range of umbrella strollers weight, with only a few strollers weighing less than G-Lite. When folded, the stroller measures only 6,105 cubics. Some strollers are smaller than this when folded but the size is small enough for parents to carry or keep in their cars or tight spaces.
The G-Lite is folded by pressing two buttons while simultaneously pulling two loops. When it’s folded, it can stand on its own because of the designed kickstand. It also has an automatic lock. The umbrella stroller is equipped with brakes that are not too stiff. Some pressure is required to set the brake, but the pedals are friendly for feet with sandals.
G-Lite Stroller has a storage bin that can hold up to 10 lbs of supplies. A medium size diaper bag can be put into the storage. The G-Lite doesn’t have a reclining seat so the storage bin is always easily accessible. The shoulder straps of the harness are easy to adjust and while the seat doesn’t have a leg rest, the fabric is breathable and is equipped with a small footrest.
It protects the baby from the sun with a nice canopy and a pop-up visor. However, you cannot check the baby while strolling with the canopy open because it has no peek-a-boo window. The canopy is easy to use, nice and offers sun protection of SPF 50.
Overall, UPPa G-Lite Stroller is a good choice for an umbrella stroller under $200, but the maneuverability is not that good for uneven terrain. It doesn’t have an excellent responsiveness either.

UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller, Jake (Black)
  • 2017 G-LITE model
  • Hand-level folding triggers - no foot action required
  • Extendable SPF 50+ sunshade
  • Stands when folded - convenient carry strap
  • removable cup holder included

ZOE Umbrella XL1 Single Stroller, DELUXE – Aqua Review

best umbrella strollerThe ZOE Umbrella XL1 single stroller is a very dependable everyday stroller. Comes in brilliant aqua color, this stroller will bring ease and comfort to the parents and kid without looking too dull. This stroller is very suitable for traveling, running errands around the city, as well as a relaxing afternoon walk in the park. The package comes with very practical assembling guide, a helpful manual, and interesting add-on accessories. We recommend this stroller for young busy parents with high mobility and active lifestyle.
The best feature of this stroller is that it is super lightweight. Weighted only 10 lbs., this stroller is built only with high-end quality construction that is sturdy and strong. The carrying capacity rated up to 18 kgs, though it was proved can withstand load for 5 more kgs. However, it is considered one of the lightest full-sized strollers in the market, making it very easy to maneuver and carry around. The open dimension is 39.5” x 15.5” x 30”, while the close dimension without wheels is 26.5” x 15.5” x 7” that will be fit inside an XL backpacks. The user can fold with only one hand as well as pop it out and in without many difficulties.
Other interesting features are the accessories that the user can add to the stroller. A child snack cup, a child and parent cup holder, belly bar and a removable comfort pad are already included in the package. However, other useful accessories are available for purchasing, such as travel backpack and storage bag, snow weather cover, and colorful 4-panel canopy. The large size comes very handily when the parent needs accommodating kids in different size but still slim enough to fit through most entrance and doors in public place. The lightweight feature also makes this stroller a good travel companion without too much fuss. Nevertheless, several commented that it still needs improvement in terms of wheel movement. Navigation is very important for stroller since we need it to turn and move smoothly.
The ZOE Umbrella XL1 Single Stroller, DELUXE Aqua over all is a stylish, affordable, and user-friendly stroller. It is one of the best umbrella strollers under $200. Some user reviews also state that this stroller can run well in most of the city terrain and even snowy ground.

ZOE XL1 DELUXE Xtra Lightweight Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller System (Aqua)
  • Super Lightweight Stroller - Weighs Only 10 lbs! Less Than Half the Weight of the Baby Jogger City Mini and Way Lighter Than Most Maclaren, UppaBaby, Mountain Buggy, BabyZen, GB & Combi Strollers Like the Volo, Quest, G-Lite, G-Luxe, Vista, Cruz, Nano, YoYo, Qbit, Pockit & Fold N Go!
  • Lifetime Warranty & Guarantee on Wheels! If Your Wheels Break While You Own This Stroller, ZOE Will Fix or Replace Them!
  • Quick, Compact & Easy One-Hand Fold Makes It The Perfect Stroller for Airline Travel & Public Transportation! The XL1 Even Fits in Many Airplane Overhead Storage Compartments/Bins!
  • Child Cup Holder, Snack Cup, Padded Front Belly Bar & Parent Cup Holder All Included For FREE!
  • Huge, Extendable Sunshade Canopy With Magnetic Peekaboo Window & Storage Pocket For Phone & Keys, Deep 135 Degree Reclining Seat Rated to 18kg & Tested to 50lbs Capacity, 5-Point Harness & Large Storage Basket!

Summer Infant 3D-one Convenience Stroller Review

best umbrella strollerThe summer infant 3D-one convenience stroller is very durable and user-friendly. The color compliments the sleek black design, adding a cheerful look and stylish ambiance. The model is perfected with 5 point safety harness with safe and easy buckle and auto lock. The design allows one hand handling whether to fold or to change position. It has a conveniently adjustable footrest and carrying strap, as well as the oversized canopy. The canopy is specially designed with a zipped extension to block blazing sun of summer’s hottest day. The netted window is included that allows you peek on him during the walk. It is built with sturdy construction that is able to hold up to 50lbs load.
What makes this stroller is brilliant for your summer stroll is the comfort grip heat resistant foam handles. It allows you to take long treks because pushing it is practically effortless. 3D-one is also equipped with smooth glides wheels that will help you navigate the stroller in all terrain easily. It has convenient and roomy storage basket on the bottom for keeping kid’s necessities, diapers, and small back packs. There is also a secret pocket on the top where you can keep items that should come handy when it is needed, like wet wipes, tissue, keys, toys, and lotions. There is even a cup holder for your cold refreshment or kid’s sippy cups to make sure both of you are well-hydrated during the stroll.
In terms of weight, 3D-one is considerably light in 14lbs and still allow you to back carry it if necessary. It is very suitable for a summer outing or family camp because it is quite slim to navigate in a crowded area and strong enough for outdoorsy activity. The seat designed for easy reclined to adjust your kid size and weight, and it can also put on flat mode for those little nap time during your activity. However, the two handles design makes it quite challenging for one hand maneuver and also some user feels that the adjustable footrest mechanism sometimes takes times to adjust in finding the most comfortable height for the kid. This summer stroller also needs more perfection on its stand. While the stand is indeed a unique feature for an umbrella stroller, it still a bit difficult to work on because you have to find the perfect balance to make it upright.

All in all, the summer infant 3D-one convenience stroller is a dependable summer stroller at a very affordable price with decent quality and features.

Summer Infant 3D-one Convenience Stroller, Geometric Blue
  • 1 hand, 3 position recline, padded 5-point safety harness with easy pop buckle, and adjustable footrest
  • Oversized, 1 hand adjustable canopy with peek-a-boo window and zip out extension to block 99.9 percent of uva and uvb rays
  • Parent cup holder, rear storage pocket, and easy access storage basket
  • Easy to push with comfort grip, heat resistant foam handles and smooth glide wheels
  • Simple, 1 handed standing fold with auto lock and convenient carry strap